Why will the system not hold a charge?


• The batteries may not be properly charged or the charger, splitter cable, and the charging port may not be functioning properly. Make sure that all pieces are working properly and that the devices show a solid charging light when plugged onto the charger.

• The charging pin may be damaged. Inside the charging port, there is a metal pin that should be standing straight up and stiff. If the pin is wobbling, broken, or missing, you will need to send the unit in to the Repair Department.

• The charging port must be clean prior to charging; clean the dirt out with a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol. If the dog is in salt-water, be sure to rinse the receiver and charging port with clean water.

• For Dogtra units over two years old from the purchase date, the batteries may need to be replaced. You can replace them yourself or send the unit in for repair. Damages incurred to the unit due to improper battery installations are not covered under the warranty, so we strongly recommend sending the unit in for inspection and repair.

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