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How long will the smartphone’s battery life last while using the PATHFINDER app?

Can the system operate in Canada?

Will my PATHFINDER MINI collar work with the new PATHFINDER2?

What are my map options?

Can a friend track my dogs with his phone?

Can I track my dogs from inside my truck?

Does my phone have to be in service?

Why can’t I see the collars when using the app indoors?

Does the GPS Connector need to be on a person’s body to operate the PATHFINDER?

Can I replace the collar’s antenna myself?

Can I replace the GPS Connector’s antenna myself?

I have 3 receivers, but only 2 works and the other shows offline. What should I do?

Can I add a long-range, magnet mount antenna on the PATHFINDER?

What operating systems are compatible with the PATHFINDER app?

Can I share my location with someone else near me (within Bluetooth range) without the person having a connecting device?

Can I use a tablet that uses Fire Operating System?

Can I recalibrate the compass?

Does the application need to show on the screen to receive alerts?

What is the battery life of the collar?

Why won’t my PATHFINDER additional collars work?

How do you download the KML file using iTunes?

How can I view my recordings on my computer?

What landscape viewing options are available?

How will the unit work with little or no cellular service?

What should I do if my dog does not respond to the stimulation?

Why will the system not hold a charge?

What do I do when the LED indicator light comes on, but I do not feel any stimulation?

Why does the system have no range when my dog is farther away?

Why does my dog have skin irritation?

What should I do if the phone and the GPS Connector are not connecting?

What MURS band frequency does the PATHFINDER use?

How does the GPS Connector work?

How many collars and channels does the system support?

If I wanted a two dog PATHFINDER unit, could I take an e-collar from another complete PATHFINDER system and then replace that system with another e-collar later?

How can I get the best signal?

Will the PATHFINDER get a 9 mile range without an external vehicle antenna?

What is the smallest neck size the PATHFINDER will fit?