Introducing the Dogtra PATHFINDER

The Dogtra PATHFINDER—the first GPS e-collar system that works on your smartphone—without using cellular data. Now you have a more intelligent and responsive way to track and train your dogs in any hunting, working or training situation, including K-9 testing for Search & Rescue.

Dogtra Pathfinder GPS E-Collar – Key Features

Let’s take a look at some the key features, including Offline maps, Geo-fencing, Device sharing, Smartphone shortcuts, Tracking only mode, History files.

Getting Started

The Dogtra PATHFINDER brings GPS technology right to your smartphone—perfect for just about any type of hunting or training situation. But first, you will need to follow a few simple steps to correctly set up and synchronize your Dogtra PATHFINDER.

Dogtra presents: Kentucky Cooner

“Seeing how excited these dogs are when I cut’em loose is really what gets me out here at night” – Kodey Glancy, aka Kentucky Cooner

Interview with Kentucky Cooner on Pathfinder

Kodey Glancy talks about his Dogtra PATHFINDER experience.

New Pathfinder SE Kit: Step by Step Tutorial

PATHFINDER SE Kit Tutorial: Getting started with your GPS Tracking E-Collar System. Step by step tutorial on getting your started with your new PATHFINDER SE KIT.

New Pathfinder SE Kit: Features and Overview

PATHFINDER SE KIT Unboxing: New! GPS Dog Tracking & Training Kit. Here we breakdown the unboxing of the New PATHFINDER SE KIT.


New PATHFINDER SE KIT featuring CAT® S61 PHONE. In collaboration with Northwoods Collective, this video captures the heart and tradition of raccoon hunting. Kodey Glancy better known as the Kentucky Cooner on YouTube, takes us along a hunt with the new PATHFINDER SE KIT as well as shows insight on the history of raccoon hunting.